Celestial Wedding Cake Toppers and Decor

With these gorgeous celestial wedding cake toppers and decor, design a beautiful wedding ceremony that is out of this world. Celebrate this joyous occasion with family and friends in a fabulous cosmic soiree under the stars. Whether you’re stargazers destined to be together or a couple that counts their lucky stars, plan the wedding of your dreams by having a celestial themed wedding.

One of the most important elements of any celestial wedding celebration is preparing a stunning display of delightful treats and dessert. Everyone knows that the highlight of any dessert table is a gorgeous wedding cake adorned with a beautiful celestial cake topper. Easily create a chic atmosphere for your special occasion by shopping for unique cosmic wedding decor.

Each cake topper created by Thistle and Lace Designs is an original work of art created for starry-eyed modern couples. Each one is meticulously crafted to be a luxurious piece that will grab everyone’s attention and receive so many compliments. Its decor so well fashioned that it’s worthy of being a treasured keepsake for the bride to be.

So what is the secret to planning the most stunning celestial wedding EVER?

Showing off one of these marvelous celestial wedding cake toppers which will instantly be the highlight of the celebration. Shop our best-selling cake topper designs now.

Where can you find the best celestial cake toppers near you?

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Thistle and Lace Designs ships these beautiful personalized celestial cake toppers quickly throughout Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and to other international countries worldwide.

What are the top celestial wedding cake toppers for 2020?

The moon cake toppers offered at Thistle and Lace Designs are original designs offered in many different colors and customization options. The modern designs tastefully embellish any celestial wedding decor and color scheme and add that extra little sparkle that everyone loves.

How to I order my celestial wedding cake topper?

Work one on one with our in-house designer at Thistle and Lace Designs to create the perfect cosmic wedding cake topper. Once a personalized celestial cake topper is purchased, a digital proof of the artwork will be sent to your inbox for approval. With fast processing times, the wedding cake toppers are meticulously crafted and then carefully wrapped and packaged for shipping.


Shop our best-selling design for cosmic and celestial cake toppers now.

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