• Yay Wedding Cake Topper
  • Yay wedding cake topper by Thistle and Lace
  • Yay wedding cake topper by Thistle and Lace
  • Yay wedding cake topper by Thistle and Lace

Yay Cake Topper

(5 customer reviews)


Get ready for your picture-perfect wedding cake with this gorgeous cake topper



Get the most cake topper for your special event

Embellish your cake with this beautiful YAY! cake topper. It tastefully add sparkle to any special event such as weddings, bridal showers, wedding showers, and birthday parties.   

Cake Topper Design: 

This cake topper is ~6 inches wide and ~7 inches tall, including the stick.

To view closeup of the color swatches and a description of the colors click here.

Wooden decorations are made with exceptional 1/8″ Baltic Birch Plywood to create reliable five-star quality products, unlike other shops out there offering cheaper alternatives. This type of plywood is stronger, more stable and has a more desirable appearance. Don’t settle for anything less.

What’s included in this listing:
A beautiful custom cake topper. The decor, flowers, and succulents are not included.

What makes us stand out?
-Made in Canada
-Wooden cake toppers are precisely cut with a powerful laser cutter so that the cake toppers do not have burn marks on the edges or on the surfaces of the cake topper, as seen in the photo.
-Both sides of the cake topper are painted so that your cake topper can be shown off at any angle.
-Cake toppers are original designs so that you have a piece that is truly unique and customizable.
-Wood cake toppers are made in Canada and not massed produced so that every piece is made with care and can be carefully inspected before it is sent out.
-Cake toppers are coated with an FDA approved food-safe finish so that the topper is safe to put in your cake.

All these qualities make Thistle and Lace’s products safer, superior, lovelier, and more desirable than other cake toppers out there.

For your own safety, these wooden products should not be placed near flames and are not edible. Our products are not toys and should not be placed in front of children without adult supervision. Thistle and Lace is not responsible for any harm resulting from the misuse of our products.

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Cake toppers are available in the following colors

What makes our cake toppers so exceptional?

click to find out!

Our cake toppers are

Meticulously Handcrafted
Made in Canada
Picture-perfect ready

5 reviews for Yay Cake Topper

  1. Cortney

    Love this cake topper! It is so cute and I can use it for so many different celebrations!

  2. Katie

    I can’t wait to put this on top of my wedding cake, beautiful!

  3. Lili

    This is PERFECT for our wedding cake! can’t wait!!! 🙂

  4. Janina

    High quality, packaged well. Looking forward to using this at my wedding!

  5. Diana

    This is gorgeous, exactly what I was expecting, nice quality, and shipped super fast! I love it!

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