Wood Finishes

Thistle and Lace offers a wealth of colours compared other shops. The colour swatches below will help you decide what colour would be the best choice for your decor.

DIY Wood

Lightly burnt edges perfect for  DIY finishing touches

Sanded Wood

Lightly sanded and desirable colour for any natural or rustic themed wedding

Metallic Pure Gold

A light gold ideal for vintage or art deco themed weddings

Glitter Pure Gold

A light sparkly gold that will brighten up formal and traditional weddings

Metallic Royal Gold

A brilliant gold that compliments any whimsical or romantic themed wedding 

Glitter Royal Gold

A bright and shinny gold that brightens up any nautical or tropical wedding

Metallic Champagne

A light champagne that compliments any moody color palette

Glitter Champagne

A sparkly champagne that accentuates any boho or alternative wedding style

Metallic Silver

A light silver that is perfect for elegant & formal themes

Glitter Silver

A sparkly silver that illuminates any majestic theme

Metallic Rose Gold

A saturated rose gold perfect for any romantic themed wedding

Metallic Blush

A light pink that compliments any garden or tropical themed weddings

Matte Black

A beautiful black ideal for a classic and timeless wedding themes

Black with Gold Glitter

A black covered with a sprits of gold sparkle is just right for the ultimate celestial wedding vibes

Black with Silver Glitter

Black lightly sprinkled with silver glitter compliments a galaxy-inspired elopement